Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aquarius horoscopes

Aquarius Characteristics
January 21 to February 19

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very sincere, calm and generous, although they suffer emotional roller coaster because they stand up well to stress and / or pressure.
They are the typical people who always expect a lot of others, so they suffer many disappointments in his life, full of resentment, bitterness and disappointment.

The zodiac sign Aquarius people are vain, they love compliments, they celebrate them, congratulate them and reward them.
They have an intuition over most of the signs as well as its huge fantasy.
While usually quite picky, very good people with close friends and often the life of the party, and / the friend / al / to be used when there is a problem or have a favor to ask.

As creativity overflows, using it in love get to be imaginative about love and sacrifice, passion and imagination together as the hand gets called insurmountable.

The professions best suited to aquariums are usually: craftsman, poet, singer, musician, actor, astronomer, flyer ...

Seducing: The Aquarius man is a very active and feel very free.
Making it easy to conquer, but almost impossible to keep it for long. You have to leave a very wide range of freedom so you can have your own space with friends.
If you do not let that space be satisfied with you within hours.
The Aquarius man loves the luxury and developments, and has ample power to become the woman he is with him.
But keep in mind that whenever you expect more than you give, so always walk echándote things on the face, and vice versa, will not understand that respects their freedom.

Seducing: Women of the zodiacal sign Aquarius is modern, open, friendly and extremely curious, as passionate about culture, travel, visit museums and exhibitions is always about her kind soul to help others.
The ideal type of the native women of Aquarius must be a tolerant man, funny, intelligent and above all very instructive, as a sort of teacher for her, so often end up with men several years older than themselves.
But it is a free woman and if you try to cage it or make it live within a run, it may be that one day you find her missing luggage and at home.