Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gemini horoscopes

Gemini Characteristics
May 22 to June 21

Gemini is an air zodiac sign ruled by Mercury.
This sign is characterized by its dual and contradictory nature.
Gemini is probably the most dreamy sign around the zodiac, with a trend toward dispersaciĆ³n inexhaustible, and that is why often comes at a time when many doubts, sadness and profound instability.
The dispersed Gemini personality leads them to commit innumerable irresponsible (even dangerous), unless a person can commit to anything for long and usually vary from interest, complicating even more the issues of their huge impatience.
Gemini is like a small child who sees everything he wants but then gets bored and asked if any effort to change, quickly passes.

Geminis are extremely social, but they are very fickle and impressionable, they are driven by others.
Perhaps the plus sign "brand-".

Gemini Love is an ideal of platonic love, because only impossible dreams accompany you during time, although this crush will soon be replaced by another.
The sex can be very energetic and loving fantasy play, but his huge doubts with all their vital need for independence and freedom, led him to become disenchanted couples.

As a good social animal, loves everything that has to do with social life, parties, travel, group adventures, games dinde demonstrate their skills ...

The preferred Gemini professions tend to be those in which a person is required to changing and where there is a daily routine: attorney, commercial, executive with many trips, political, manager ...

In relation to their common problems, these issues tend to come from breathing problems.

Seducing: The Gemini man is a free man, restless and playful.
His ideal match should be patient to understand and not have chains.
It is an imaginative lover and active in every encounter will be a different and special meeting.
But Slip well in the head, as you know not to play your cards right and you achieve that depends a bit about yourself, or you also keep your sick evolution, be bored soon.

Seducing: The Gemini woman is nice, dynamic, intelligent, and well prepared athlete.
The living together or getting married does not pass through its short and medium term and to the weakness of your partner grows.
If you go about originality and are dependent and / or jealous, better go find another girl from another sign.