Tuesday, June 5, 2012

horoscope for cancer

Characteristics of Cancer
June 22 to July 22

Due to the influence that the moon exerts on cancer, they certainly kept a lunatic character, with a continuous change between melancholy and joy, between sadness and humor.

The natives of the sign of Cancer are very dreamy, fantastic, mysterious and enigmatic, conservative and sweet, whimsical, but above all very peaceful.
If you compare them with a bird would be a sort of magpie, so possessive, materialistic, and they are capricious, and an uncontrollable tendency to keep everything they get, and not to dispose of almost anything affection take their possessions.

The possessive love and capricious personality remains.
They spend the attraction of love in seconds, without stopping to ponder the true foundations of the possible link.
If your loved one does not heed them, more and more become possessive, and they are most needed, and do their best to keep her side.
They usually have many problems with their partners, because as seduced by the sight, many things your partner does not like and try to make this change.

Their health problems tend to be representative of a lot of relationship with digestive disorders and / or nervous, and capricious being so not for his head spinning.

The occupations most representative of this sign are often creative designers, musicians, artists, tailors ...

Seducing: The Cancer man is a man who knows how to be sensitive, romantic and protective when you want, but it is very melancholic and moody, which sometimes give the impression of a certain duality in his personality.
If you seek to conquer it must behave with sweet, childlike air to the side pull out your protection.
And do not ever ever contradict him, because it is very susceptible.

Seducing: Women of the sign Cancer is one of sexiest women, refined and dreaming of all the zodiac signs.
He hates vulgarity and social life is everything to her, it is the only way to feel special and to meet new people you meet whimsical fantasies.
His duality you can be very painful if you are a man of little character, for in it the need for independence clash with being pampered and protected ...
And always the ghost of jealousy you fly over ...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gemini horoscopes

Gemini Characteristics
May 22 to June 21

Gemini is an air zodiac sign ruled by Mercury.
This sign is characterized by its dual and contradictory nature.
Gemini is probably the most dreamy sign around the zodiac, with a trend toward dispersación inexhaustible, and that is why often comes at a time when many doubts, sadness and profound instability.
The dispersed Gemini personality leads them to commit innumerable irresponsible (even dangerous), unless a person can commit to anything for long and usually vary from interest, complicating even more the issues of their huge impatience.
Gemini is like a small child who sees everything he wants but then gets bored and asked if any effort to change, quickly passes.

Geminis are extremely social, but they are very fickle and impressionable, they are driven by others.
Perhaps the plus sign "brand-".

Gemini Love is an ideal of platonic love, because only impossible dreams accompany you during time, although this crush will soon be replaced by another.
The sex can be very energetic and loving fantasy play, but his huge doubts with all their vital need for independence and freedom, led him to become disenchanted couples.

As a good social animal, loves everything that has to do with social life, parties, travel, group adventures, games dinde demonstrate their skills ...

The preferred Gemini professions tend to be those in which a person is required to changing and where there is a daily routine: attorney, commercial, executive with many trips, political, manager ...

In relation to their common problems, these issues tend to come from breathing problems.

Seducing: The Gemini man is a free man, restless and playful.
His ideal match should be patient to understand and not have chains.
It is an imaginative lover and active in every encounter will be a different and special meeting.
But Slip well in the head, as you know not to play your cards right and you achieve that depends a bit about yourself, or you also keep your sick evolution, be bored soon.

Seducing: The Gemini woman is nice, dynamic, intelligent, and well prepared athlete.
The living together or getting married does not pass through its short and medium term and to the weakness of your partner grows.
If you go about originality and are dependent and / or jealous, better go find another girl from another sign.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

horoscopes for Taurus

Characteristics of Taurus
April 21 to May 21

As a sign of the zodiac, Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus.
The sublime, art and beauty in all its manifestations, including physics, are represented by Taurus.
Taurus is a sign that enjoys the routine and tranquility is a sign of things realistic and very clear.
In love, your greatest desire is the physical safety and psychological auque selfishness often easily reach several times.
To achieve its aspirations used his best skill: calm, patience and endurance, but the tranquility of nature sometimes meets head on with all your needs.

Although it is very difficult for him to lose control of himself, runs away when you see you're really angry, because violence and irrationality will prey on him, especially by his possessive instincts endless and jealousy.
Regardless, Taurus love living in a full, complete, consistent, without light and under the banner of the extreme fidelity.

Among the most appropriate professions: cook, teacher, decorator, and all other occupations related to nature and the earth.

Their health problems are often typical of problems in neck, throat and neck, so that colds are the order of the day, even in summer. Of all the zodiac signs of Taurus is the one best able to appreciate the serenity and relaxation.

Seducing: With Taurus you should not be rushed or rainfall, the time required to analyze and weigh up whether the person is opposite ideal.
As Taurus is jealous, do not act in a way that makes you think you're too liberal for him.
The secret to winning is to make you appreciate Taurus first as a friend.
If you intend to invite to dinner, very natural cuisine with food preparation and leftovers.

Seducing: The Taurus woman is only suitable for those patient men, determined and very confident.
The Taurus female is very jealous and always awaiting the opinion of others, because rarely is brewing their own opinions herself. Although usually an exceptionally original and fascinating woman, their existence is based be flattered and courted incessantly and generally may seem frivolous.
The Taurus woman loves everything material, above all perfumes, jewelry and gifts, that is, if you are someone that does not reach its final list this month, at least do not tell.
Does not support any kind of physical activity and will always tell you is extremely tired.

Monday, March 5, 2012

horoscopes Aries

Aries Characteristics
March 21 to April 20

Aries is a fire sign, so dominated by Mars and Pluto.
It has so much enthusiasm, energy, initiative and strength to achieve all that is proposed, although this will also lead to a high dose of precipitation and irrationality.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac all listings because it is the symbol of spring, what is reborn, and is also a symbol of courage, strength, energy, courage and momentum.
For all this is very general to the Aries often described as egocentric. As a zodiacal sign Aries so extremely passionate, emotional ups and downs are like a roller coaster, going from the semi-excited states in times of depression.

Her innate tendency to always assume the leadership, both at work and in his private life, leads to careers that logically fit your personality: lawyer, politician, designer, writer, actor, agent, business are ideal professions for Aries, and almost always end aduiriendo many responsibilities.

It being the zodiacal sign with more vitality, takes you to have to project all his energy into the sport to appease his anger, and failure to do so will tend to an abrupt and violent expression of their personality.
Thus, the living love affairs with unusual passion, like first love, believing in the crush hot and powerful, but infidelity always lags behind and is easy to end up in slips.
However, Aries are jealous, and, after the first stage of infatuation, the relationship becomes a battle for his ego.

Aries lives for the risk, why is the speed enthusiast.
Their universe is a veradadero particular chaos to the outside, but unfolds a blast from his disorder, and the signs not to lose, they often miss the keys.
What is most fascinating about this zodiac sign lies in the unexpected ending in aggressive and weak at the same time adorable.

In relation to health, Aries must be careful, especially with molestísimos headaches and migraines.
As a good sign spring is resistant to allergies, although not very well supported colds.

Seducing: ACCELERATE should not, do not rush, let yourself be won over by him, show all the smart, different and exciting it can be turned to be their ideal type.
Be honest (not so much on things that can hurt) and loving and try not to stop him (because he would take it as a snub.)

Seducing: The ideal type for women Aries man is the athlete who has very clear ideas, or boys like her and something unforeseeable gamberretes (but more often is that a relationship with a man ends up in a love-hate ). Although generally looks extremely liberal, his great vocation to be loved, pampered and treated like a princess of oriental tales, but usually a housewife and quite forgetful nefarious mother.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pisces horoscope

- Characteristics of Pisces
February 20 to March 20.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by zodiacal Jupiter and Neptune.
The natives of Pisces are people extremely patient, tolerant, subtle and sweet, but many times they become very susceptible, even unbelievers.

A Pisces will define a complex character and an impressive fantasy, apart from an unparalleled ability to learn.
All Pisces are suffering a great lack of decision and lack organization, so you usually end up as mediocre characters who prefer the important things in life are decided by others.

The ideal career for Pisces can be mechanical, player, doctor, health worker, soldier, waiter, photographer ...

People born under the sign of Pisces tend to be somewhat believers (religious we mean), also art lovers.
They are very introverted and reserved, so you mentally create his own world of fantasy.
True love and pure friendship is its fundamental values ​​to cost both express their feelings to others, people can only do so at their maximum confidence not to feel bad or undervalued.

Seducing: The man born in Pisces is a complex man, idealistic, romantic and unpredictable, yet very emotional and sensitive, so you're gonna get give you body and soul to feel all your affection, love and attention.
The ideal woman for a Pisces man is one who knows too well how to take the lead because the weakness of his character will not ever take the lead, however you want or need.
You'll have to lie and make believe that you are passionate about art and order. Nothing in the world, never ever touch the objects of their property, and even fewer the orders ... and never put any garment you, even pajamas.

Seducing: Women born under the sign Pisces is very romantic, feminine, in need of protection, fragile and sweet.
One of his great abilities as a person is to make your partner feel the most important person in the world.
Need an excess of flattery, pampering, attention, dialogue, and constantly make them feel the most important woman in your life.
If you do not, depression and anger are more than served daily. If you are a gentleman, strong, patient and tenacious as to impress upon their misgivings and walk repeating every five minutes she is the best thing that ever happened in life, success is assured with Pisces woman.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aquarius horoscopes

Aquarius Characteristics
January 21 to February 19

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very sincere, calm and generous, although they suffer emotional roller coaster because they stand up well to stress and / or pressure.
They are the typical people who always expect a lot of others, so they suffer many disappointments in his life, full of resentment, bitterness and disappointment.

The zodiac sign Aquarius people are vain, they love compliments, they celebrate them, congratulate them and reward them.
They have an intuition over most of the signs as well as its huge fantasy.
While usually quite picky, very good people with close friends and often the life of the party, and / the friend / al / to be used when there is a problem or have a favor to ask.

As creativity overflows, using it in love get to be imaginative about love and sacrifice, passion and imagination together as the hand gets called insurmountable.

The professions best suited to aquariums are usually: craftsman, poet, singer, musician, actor, astronomer, flyer ...

Seducing: The Aquarius man is a very active and feel very free.
Making it easy to conquer, but almost impossible to keep it for long. You have to leave a very wide range of freedom so you can have your own space with friends.
If you do not let that space be satisfied with you within hours.
The Aquarius man loves the luxury and developments, and has ample power to become the woman he is with him.
But keep in mind that whenever you expect more than you give, so always walk echándote things on the face, and vice versa, will not understand that respects their freedom.

Seducing: Women of the zodiacal sign Aquarius is modern, open, friendly and extremely curious, as passionate about culture, travel, visit museums and exhibitions is always about her kind soul to help others.
The ideal type of the native women of Aquarius must be a tolerant man, funny, intelligent and above all very instructive, as a sort of teacher for her, so often end up with men several years older than themselves.
But it is a free woman and if you try to cage it or make it live within a run, it may be that one day you find her missing luggage and at home.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Capricorn Horoscopes

Capricorn Characteristics
December 22 to January 20

The natives of Capricorn zodiac sign are determined, cold, ambitious, with the straight and never too Concerned that do not mean nothing to them ... They are tireless workers innate, fatigue never affects them, even less-professional work, as are capable of sacrificing themselves to exhaustion to achieve their purposes to excel.
Their future and all its goals are carefully and patiently prepared for success.
To get where they want and are willing to sacrifice whatever, but always without requesting any assistance from anyone.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are introverted and closed, but they can surprise you with impulsive outbursts decentering.
They are extremely insecure, shy and fearful, with the exception of times when you feel wrapped in your social circle, where they feel protected and loved.

The professions most logical for the Capricorn: insurance agent, realtor, bank branch manager, politician, businessman ...

Capricorns are loyal, constant and serious love, but not a sign too affectionate.

Seducing: The Capricorn man is wise, refined and very ambitious.
So you can win a Capricorn man will have stripped the outer shell that protects the world.
In return he will become a faithful companion for all eternity.
To eradicate all his shyness and introversion have to fill it with love and understanding and make you feel more special man in the world, or you can say goodbye to your social life.

Seducing: The native woman of Capricorn is prudent, intelligent, loyal, strong, elusive and too little effusive.
It is also very intelligent and cultured, as well as demanding, and people appreciate most are those who manage to make her smile easily and spontaneously and are original to it.
But it will cost a great time, as the Capricorn woman is tough one to let love.