Tuesday, June 5, 2012

horoscope for cancer

Characteristics of Cancer
June 22 to July 22

Due to the influence that the moon exerts on cancer, they certainly kept a lunatic character, with a continuous change between melancholy and joy, between sadness and humor.

The natives of the sign of Cancer are very dreamy, fantastic, mysterious and enigmatic, conservative and sweet, whimsical, but above all very peaceful.
If you compare them with a bird would be a sort of magpie, so possessive, materialistic, and they are capricious, and an uncontrollable tendency to keep everything they get, and not to dispose of almost anything affection take their possessions.

The possessive love and capricious personality remains.
They spend the attraction of love in seconds, without stopping to ponder the true foundations of the possible link.
If your loved one does not heed them, more and more become possessive, and they are most needed, and do their best to keep her side.
They usually have many problems with their partners, because as seduced by the sight, many things your partner does not like and try to make this change.

Their health problems tend to be representative of a lot of relationship with digestive disorders and / or nervous, and capricious being so not for his head spinning.

The occupations most representative of this sign are often creative designers, musicians, artists, tailors ...

Seducing: The Cancer man is a man who knows how to be sensitive, romantic and protective when you want, but it is very melancholic and moody, which sometimes give the impression of a certain duality in his personality.
If you seek to conquer it must behave with sweet, childlike air to the side pull out your protection.
And do not ever ever contradict him, because it is very susceptible.

Seducing: Women of the sign Cancer is one of sexiest women, refined and dreaming of all the zodiac signs.
He hates vulgarity and social life is everything to her, it is the only way to feel special and to meet new people you meet whimsical fantasies.
His duality you can be very painful if you are a man of little character, for in it the need for independence clash with being pampered and protected ...
And always the ghost of jealousy you fly over ...