Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pisces horoscope

- Characteristics of Pisces
February 20 to March 20.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by zodiacal Jupiter and Neptune.
The natives of Pisces are people extremely patient, tolerant, subtle and sweet, but many times they become very susceptible, even unbelievers.

A Pisces will define a complex character and an impressive fantasy, apart from an unparalleled ability to learn.
All Pisces are suffering a great lack of decision and lack organization, so you usually end up as mediocre characters who prefer the important things in life are decided by others.

The ideal career for Pisces can be mechanical, player, doctor, health worker, soldier, waiter, photographer ...

People born under the sign of Pisces tend to be somewhat believers (religious we mean), also art lovers.
They are very introverted and reserved, so you mentally create his own world of fantasy.
True love and pure friendship is its fundamental values ​​to cost both express their feelings to others, people can only do so at their maximum confidence not to feel bad or undervalued.

Seducing: The man born in Pisces is a complex man, idealistic, romantic and unpredictable, yet very emotional and sensitive, so you're gonna get give you body and soul to feel all your affection, love and attention.
The ideal woman for a Pisces man is one who knows too well how to take the lead because the weakness of his character will not ever take the lead, however you want or need.
You'll have to lie and make believe that you are passionate about art and order. Nothing in the world, never ever touch the objects of their property, and even fewer the orders ... and never put any garment you, even pajamas.

Seducing: Women born under the sign Pisces is very romantic, feminine, in need of protection, fragile and sweet.
One of his great abilities as a person is to make your partner feel the most important person in the world.
Need an excess of flattery, pampering, attention, dialogue, and constantly make them feel the most important woman in your life.
If you do not, depression and anger are more than served daily. If you are a gentleman, strong, patient and tenacious as to impress upon their misgivings and walk repeating every five minutes she is the best thing that ever happened in life, success is assured with Pisces woman.