Monday, December 5, 2011

Capricorn Horoscopes

Capricorn Characteristics
December 22 to January 20

The natives of Capricorn zodiac sign are determined, cold, ambitious, with the straight and never too Concerned that do not mean nothing to them ... They are tireless workers innate, fatigue never affects them, even less-professional work, as are capable of sacrificing themselves to exhaustion to achieve their purposes to excel.
Their future and all its goals are carefully and patiently prepared for success.
To get where they want and are willing to sacrifice whatever, but always without requesting any assistance from anyone.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are introverted and closed, but they can surprise you with impulsive outbursts decentering.
They are extremely insecure, shy and fearful, with the exception of times when you feel wrapped in your social circle, where they feel protected and loved.

The professions most logical for the Capricorn: insurance agent, realtor, bank branch manager, politician, businessman ...

Capricorns are loyal, constant and serious love, but not a sign too affectionate.

Seducing: The Capricorn man is wise, refined and very ambitious.
So you can win a Capricorn man will have stripped the outer shell that protects the world.
In return he will become a faithful companion for all eternity.
To eradicate all his shyness and introversion have to fill it with love and understanding and make you feel more special man in the world, or you can say goodbye to your social life.

Seducing: The native woman of Capricorn is prudent, intelligent, loyal, strong, elusive and too little effusive.
It is also very intelligent and cultured, as well as demanding, and people appreciate most are those who manage to make her smile easily and spontaneously and are original to it.
But it will cost a great time, as the Capricorn woman is tough one to let love.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sagittarius horoscopes

Characteristics of Sagittarius
November 23 to December 21

Sagittarians have a cheerful nature, confident, faithful, sincere and open. I very concerned about the future, I love traveling, walking outdoors and everything associated with nature and enjoy all the changes.
Among his friends and lovers prefer sincere and faithful to respect them and, above all, respect their freedom, which is what we consider most important. They are probably the / as best friends / as you can find among all the zodiac signs of the horoscope.
However they are very boastful and although they often hold enough pressure from other people, at the most unexpected jump for a totally unprovoked anger and bundled huge battles.

Their favorite occupations are those that best suit your personality flight attendant and / or hostess, scientist, judge, guide ...

With regard to illnesses and generic Sagittarius natives should watch with great ease to put on weight and health problems that can lead to that.

Seducing: The Sagittarius men are men usually pretty busy, very loyal and quite athletes.
They enjoy the lively and intelligent conversations and love the company, the elegant and expensive clothes and good food, they are excellent gourmet (hence the enormous tendency to gain weight).

Seducing: Women of Sagittarius females are happy, active and very optimistic, but also very materialistic and capricious.
Never are influenced by other people's opinions because freedom is their ultimate goal, although their organizational capacity is excellent, its great setting for freedom does not always act rationally.
Looking for a man who makes you feel happy, that make you laugh and of course that is not at all sexist.
The native woman of Sagittarius is a jealous woman and can not stand the criticism of others, let alone those of your partner, or feel comptencia with other women in the important areas of life such as work or social life.
If you are a home and family are getting into the Sagittarius woman your ideal match.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scorpio horoscopes

Scorpio Characteristics
October 24 to November 22

The sign Scorpio has a strong personality, usually difficult due to their enormous complexity and contradictions.
It is a hard sign, you slide the problems, do not worry, it is authoritative, serious, stubborn in their personal and professional goals, deep, jealous and possessive, so it can easily lead to violence.

Scorpio has the intuitive ability of discovering the weakest of any person and guess how to do damage, its poisonous stinger sticking there.
Therefore most experts consider a sign Scorpio cold, Machiavellian, lunatic, evil sometimes.
But not everything was going to be wrong with this sign, because after all this Scorpio has many merits, strength and high availability to their peers.

Scorpio natives are unaware of the fear there is nothing in the world, no one who can stop it when something gets into your head.
It's the perfectionist worker plus all the horoscope and one that innately have the capacity to develop over the others.
The ideal career for a very special personality and Scorpio are: psychologist, philosopher, chemist, researcher, businessman ...

Scorpio is very passionate in love, possibly the most passionate sign of all the zodiac, but also a complicated and contradictory sign, ultra-jealous and possessive. That is why when he falls he rendered his soul and his body to the beloved, desiring to possess her completely.
It is also the most sexual sign of the entire zodiac, so they are prone to the diseases that may complicate their health are venereal hemorrhoids and bladder discomfort.

Seducing: Men of the sign Scorpio is passionate and exciting, but also variables and violent.
A woman of character, determined and confident that he will steal your heart, even for short relations "here I catch you here I'll kill you" prefer younger women who are seduced by his overwhelming personality and ego may extol .
Scorpio Men usually hide their own feelings (when they have them) and hate to cuddle, cuddles and caresses. If you like quiet and monotony just get bored and suffer for it.

Seducing: Women are passionate Scorpio native, proud, intuitive, intelligent and controversial.
Accurate beside a man who makes you feel strong emotions and uncontrolled passion, because of not having this, will only let you close enough to attempt to conquer your ego will raise.
It will be a complicated relationship, since the minimum jealous or have the slightest evidence of them, though they are only in your imagination, you sink his stinger.
The Scorpio woman is very bitter and need constant attention so you always have the opportunity to say no and always have the last word.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Horoscopes pound

Characteristics Libra
September 24 to October 23

Libra natives are some people who love the delicacy with real passion, beauty and elegance and they hate above all things, discussions and confrontations.
Librans are extremely fair and rational temperament is totally balanced, so they are represented with a scale.
Also, of course, are very friendly and nice, tidy and with a tremendous force of will and capacity to adapt to new situations.
Only when someone will attack them aggressively suffer.

As preferred professions, the Libra will find themselves like fish in water from those involving large area of ​​freedom: Antique, independent professionals and / or liberal, designer, mechanic, commercial.

For Libra natives friendship and true love are essential factors in their lives, they are beings who need affection and attention.
Libras are loyal and possessive in love and are compliant with passion.

Common health problems for the people of Libra usually arrive by kidney problems, diabetes and ears.

Seducing: Men of the zodiacal sign Libra are elegant and delicate and have a very high self-esteem, which is why we need to feel loved, cherished and admired.
You'll be the touch you need to take the first step to get him to notice you.
To Librans find an intelligent woman who escapes from everyday concerns is extremely important, as finding a relationship that takes more than just sex.

Seducing: The Libra woman is feminine, sweet, elegant and vital.
If you have to conquer dozens of present him with gifts, pampering and details, it is a woman who needs a lot of excess sweetness and attention.
If you are an impatient man, you have to overcome, it will be hard work it will take to pay off.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Virgo horoscope

Virgo Characteristics
August 24 to September

The natives of Virgo are rational, accurate, efficient, meticulous, severe and most often have an unusual ability to be cold and calculating.
The sign of Virgo gives great importance to money, but only as a convenience, so both hate waste and misuse.
The natives of Virgo are very homey, I love being at home, even lying on the couch doing nothing.
As they are very meticulous often spend more hours than normal cleaning and tidying their belongings.

Virgo natives are usually very self-conscious and insecure and undervalued, so they are constantly needing to be praised.
However in the workplace are highly valued for their intelligence and perseverance, not excel in almost anything they can do fairly well most of the tasks configured to do so.
Professions that best fit the personality of the jobs are: analyst, chemist, teacher, technical designer, editor, commercial ...

They feel much obligation to follow the mandates of the society and therefore tend to fall in love in long relationships in the long struggle to maintain consistent without much reason, and that its nature is neither love nor passion.

Regarding the complaints most often affect Virgos usually digestive, often suffer digestive discomfort and often very hypochondriacs.

Seducing: The Virgo man is sober, serious and cold and prefers the company of smart, simple and quiet. If you are really interested in it, you conquer it with patience, cunning and sweetness, which comes to feel that you need, so you go up the ego.
Do not expect him full of passionate sex because it is the best lover of the Zodiac.

Seducing: The Virgo woman is smart, rational, serious and often beautiful, but very neat senciila.
To win you will need to armes a lot of patience because you sit at your feet will take a long time and Muha record, but you will pay off.
The Virgo woman is passionate about the love intelligent conversations and serious and loyal, but like the Virgo man is not the most passionate of the Zodiac.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

leo horoscopes

Leo Characteristics
July 23 to August 23

Leos are always very independent beings, free and ambitious, sweeping, passionate, authoritative and generous to a fault, although not all would be good, because they tend to be too uncompromising in his ideas, proud and materialistic.
His greatest sin is his unshakable overconfidence in himself, being presumptuous to tease and always needing to be reminded constantly successes, usually avoids complex analysis.

Leos are very optimistic by nature, and this strength and make its resilience makes it come ashes to the failures.
Where they work, are vital points to the company structure, for his determination and tenacity make it know to move like fish in water in any capacity and improve while others waste time on nonsense, and that they do to stand out and be admired, their concern, so all his classmates do not get along with them.
The preferred professions are those professions Leos that reveal a lot of people who tell their war stories bragging, half bverdad, half fantasy, three quarters of exaggeration: actors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, diplomatic, political ...

The Leo aspire to all the luxuries they can think or that others possess, it is necessary to be above others.
They are great lovers of wealth and the good life and hate anything that smacks of mediocrity.

In love, Leos are fiery and passionate people, they crave their partner because their purpose in life is to love and be loved.
But of course, provided they do not contradict him, or you will face the lion is.
And if you are able to put up with the same string of accusations that it is always he who wants most of them, who else makes the two ...

In relation to your most common ailments, we can mention the most important heart disease and certain back pain.

Seducing: The man of Leo Zodiac is still self-centered and ambitious, but not overly selfish.
Wealth is what he loves most, but you know share with others, not only for being generous, but to be admired and querdio for it.
But despite his attitude, he will always look for is appreciated for what it is, not what you have, thought contradictory to their behavior.
If you're smart and sophisticated and luxury you do not mind at all, better stay away from him before I cajole.
As a lover you'd find in one of the signs Leo most passionate and demanding time, but you need to break the narcissist grace of having to listen to your lips every time the good that has been in bed.

Seducing: Woman Leo is generous and very demanding too much for what it can offer.
Will be interested only by men determined, ambitious, and economically and socially shooting high.
Despite the image of person full of banality that is, the Leo woman is a woman enormously when he falls hard and will do anything for his companion, besides being strongly faithful.
But every day you spend hard time having to show him attention, pirorpos, gifts, phrases, ETC.
for her to feel the focus of your existence.