Monday, September 5, 2011

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Characteristics Libra
September 24 to October 23

Libra natives are some people who love the delicacy with real passion, beauty and elegance and they hate above all things, discussions and confrontations.
Librans are extremely fair and rational temperament is totally balanced, so they are represented with a scale.
Also, of course, are very friendly and nice, tidy and with a tremendous force of will and capacity to adapt to new situations.
Only when someone will attack them aggressively suffer.

As preferred professions, the Libra will find themselves like fish in water from those involving large area of ​​freedom: Antique, independent professionals and / or liberal, designer, mechanic, commercial.

For Libra natives friendship and true love are essential factors in their lives, they are beings who need affection and attention.
Libras are loyal and possessive in love and are compliant with passion.

Common health problems for the people of Libra usually arrive by kidney problems, diabetes and ears.

Seducing: Men of the zodiacal sign Libra are elegant and delicate and have a very high self-esteem, which is why we need to feel loved, cherished and admired.
You'll be the touch you need to take the first step to get him to notice you.
To Librans find an intelligent woman who escapes from everyday concerns is extremely important, as finding a relationship that takes more than just sex.

Seducing: The Libra woman is feminine, sweet, elegant and vital.
If you have to conquer dozens of present him with gifts, pampering and details, it is a woman who needs a lot of excess sweetness and attention.
If you are an impatient man, you have to overcome, it will be hard work it will take to pay off.