Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scorpio horoscopes

Scorpio Characteristics
October 24 to November 22

The sign Scorpio has a strong personality, usually difficult due to their enormous complexity and contradictions.
It is a hard sign, you slide the problems, do not worry, it is authoritative, serious, stubborn in their personal and professional goals, deep, jealous and possessive, so it can easily lead to violence.

Scorpio has the intuitive ability of discovering the weakest of any person and guess how to do damage, its poisonous stinger sticking there.
Therefore most experts consider a sign Scorpio cold, Machiavellian, lunatic, evil sometimes.
But not everything was going to be wrong with this sign, because after all this Scorpio has many merits, strength and high availability to their peers.

Scorpio natives are unaware of the fear there is nothing in the world, no one who can stop it when something gets into your head.
It's the perfectionist worker plus all the horoscope and one that innately have the capacity to develop over the others.
The ideal career for a very special personality and Scorpio are: psychologist, philosopher, chemist, researcher, businessman ...

Scorpio is very passionate in love, possibly the most passionate sign of all the zodiac, but also a complicated and contradictory sign, ultra-jealous and possessive. That is why when he falls he rendered his soul and his body to the beloved, desiring to possess her completely.
It is also the most sexual sign of the entire zodiac, so they are prone to the diseases that may complicate their health are venereal hemorrhoids and bladder discomfort.

Seducing: Men of the sign Scorpio is passionate and exciting, but also variables and violent.
A woman of character, determined and confident that he will steal your heart, even for short relations "here I catch you here I'll kill you" prefer younger women who are seduced by his overwhelming personality and ego may extol .
Scorpio Men usually hide their own feelings (when they have them) and hate to cuddle, cuddles and caresses. If you like quiet and monotony just get bored and suffer for it.

Seducing: Women are passionate Scorpio native, proud, intuitive, intelligent and controversial.
Accurate beside a man who makes you feel strong emotions and uncontrolled passion, because of not having this, will only let you close enough to attempt to conquer your ego will raise.
It will be a complicated relationship, since the minimum jealous or have the slightest evidence of them, though they are only in your imagination, you sink his stinger.
The Scorpio woman is very bitter and need constant attention so you always have the opportunity to say no and always have the last word.