Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sagittarius horoscopes

Characteristics of Sagittarius
November 23 to December 21

Sagittarians have a cheerful nature, confident, faithful, sincere and open. I very concerned about the future, I love traveling, walking outdoors and everything associated with nature and enjoy all the changes.
Among his friends and lovers prefer sincere and faithful to respect them and, above all, respect their freedom, which is what we consider most important. They are probably the / as best friends / as you can find among all the zodiac signs of the horoscope.
However they are very boastful and although they often hold enough pressure from other people, at the most unexpected jump for a totally unprovoked anger and bundled huge battles.

Their favorite occupations are those that best suit your personality flight attendant and / or hostess, scientist, judge, guide ...

With regard to illnesses and generic Sagittarius natives should watch with great ease to put on weight and health problems that can lead to that.

Seducing: The Sagittarius men are men usually pretty busy, very loyal and quite athletes.
They enjoy the lively and intelligent conversations and love the company, the elegant and expensive clothes and good food, they are excellent gourmet (hence the enormous tendency to gain weight).

Seducing: Women of Sagittarius females are happy, active and very optimistic, but also very materialistic and capricious.
Never are influenced by other people's opinions because freedom is their ultimate goal, although their organizational capacity is excellent, its great setting for freedom does not always act rationally.
Looking for a man who makes you feel happy, that make you laugh and of course that is not at all sexist.
The native woman of Sagittarius is a jealous woman and can not stand the criticism of others, let alone those of your partner, or feel comptencia with other women in the important areas of life such as work or social life.
If you are a home and family are getting into the Sagittarius woman your ideal match.