Friday, August 5, 2011

Virgo horoscope

Virgo Characteristics
August 24 to September

The natives of Virgo are rational, accurate, efficient, meticulous, severe and most often have an unusual ability to be cold and calculating.
The sign of Virgo gives great importance to money, but only as a convenience, so both hate waste and misuse.
The natives of Virgo are very homey, I love being at home, even lying on the couch doing nothing.
As they are very meticulous often spend more hours than normal cleaning and tidying their belongings.

Virgo natives are usually very self-conscious and insecure and undervalued, so they are constantly needing to be praised.
However in the workplace are highly valued for their intelligence and perseverance, not excel in almost anything they can do fairly well most of the tasks configured to do so.
Professions that best fit the personality of the jobs are: analyst, chemist, teacher, technical designer, editor, commercial ...

They feel much obligation to follow the mandates of the society and therefore tend to fall in love in long relationships in the long struggle to maintain consistent without much reason, and that its nature is neither love nor passion.

Regarding the complaints most often affect Virgos usually digestive, often suffer digestive discomfort and often very hypochondriacs.

Seducing: The Virgo man is sober, serious and cold and prefers the company of smart, simple and quiet. If you are really interested in it, you conquer it with patience, cunning and sweetness, which comes to feel that you need, so you go up the ego.
Do not expect him full of passionate sex because it is the best lover of the Zodiac.

Seducing: The Virgo woman is smart, rational, serious and often beautiful, but very neat senciila.
To win you will need to armes a lot of patience because you sit at your feet will take a long time and Muha record, but you will pay off.
The Virgo woman is passionate about the love intelligent conversations and serious and loyal, but like the Virgo man is not the most passionate of the Zodiac.