Tuesday, July 5, 2011

leo horoscopes

Leo Characteristics
July 23 to August 23

Leos are always very independent beings, free and ambitious, sweeping, passionate, authoritative and generous to a fault, although not all would be good, because they tend to be too uncompromising in his ideas, proud and materialistic.
His greatest sin is his unshakable overconfidence in himself, being presumptuous to tease and always needing to be reminded constantly successes, usually avoids complex analysis.

Leos are very optimistic by nature, and this strength and make its resilience makes it come ashes to the failures.
Where they work, are vital points to the company structure, for his determination and tenacity make it know to move like fish in water in any capacity and improve while others waste time on nonsense, and that they do to stand out and be admired, their concern, so all his classmates do not get along with them.
The preferred professions are those professions Leos that reveal a lot of people who tell their war stories bragging, half bverdad, half fantasy, three quarters of exaggeration: actors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, diplomatic, political ...

The Leo aspire to all the luxuries they can think or that others possess, it is necessary to be above others.
They are great lovers of wealth and the good life and hate anything that smacks of mediocrity.

In love, Leos are fiery and passionate people, they crave their partner because their purpose in life is to love and be loved.
But of course, provided they do not contradict him, or you will face the lion is.
And if you are able to put up with the same string of accusations that it is always he who wants most of them, who else makes the two ...

In relation to your most common ailments, we can mention the most important heart disease and certain back pain.

Seducing: The man of Leo Zodiac is still self-centered and ambitious, but not overly selfish.
Wealth is what he loves most, but you know share with others, not only for being generous, but to be admired and querdio for it.
But despite his attitude, he will always look for is appreciated for what it is, not what you have, thought contradictory to their behavior.
If you're smart and sophisticated and luxury you do not mind at all, better stay away from him before I cajole.
As a lover you'd find in one of the signs Leo most passionate and demanding time, but you need to break the narcissist grace of having to listen to your lips every time the good that has been in bed.

Seducing: Woman Leo is generous and very demanding too much for what it can offer.
Will be interested only by men determined, ambitious, and economically and socially shooting high.
Despite the image of person full of banality that is, the Leo woman is a woman enormously when he falls hard and will do anything for his companion, besides being strongly faithful.
But every day you spend hard time having to show him attention, pirorpos, gifts, phrases, ETC.
for her to feel the focus of your existence.