Thursday, April 5, 2012

horoscopes for Taurus

Characteristics of Taurus
April 21 to May 21

As a sign of the zodiac, Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus.
The sublime, art and beauty in all its manifestations, including physics, are represented by Taurus.
Taurus is a sign that enjoys the routine and tranquility is a sign of things realistic and very clear.
In love, your greatest desire is the physical safety and psychological auque selfishness often easily reach several times.
To achieve its aspirations used his best skill: calm, patience and endurance, but the tranquility of nature sometimes meets head on with all your needs.

Although it is very difficult for him to lose control of himself, runs away when you see you're really angry, because violence and irrationality will prey on him, especially by his possessive instincts endless and jealousy.
Regardless, Taurus love living in a full, complete, consistent, without light and under the banner of the extreme fidelity.

Among the most appropriate professions: cook, teacher, decorator, and all other occupations related to nature and the earth.

Their health problems are often typical of problems in neck, throat and neck, so that colds are the order of the day, even in summer. Of all the zodiac signs of Taurus is the one best able to appreciate the serenity and relaxation.

Seducing: With Taurus you should not be rushed or rainfall, the time required to analyze and weigh up whether the person is opposite ideal.
As Taurus is jealous, do not act in a way that makes you think you're too liberal for him.
The secret to winning is to make you appreciate Taurus first as a friend.
If you intend to invite to dinner, very natural cuisine with food preparation and leftovers.

Seducing: The Taurus woman is only suitable for those patient men, determined and very confident.
The Taurus female is very jealous and always awaiting the opinion of others, because rarely is brewing their own opinions herself. Although usually an exceptionally original and fascinating woman, their existence is based be flattered and courted incessantly and generally may seem frivolous.
The Taurus woman loves everything material, above all perfumes, jewelry and gifts, that is, if you are someone that does not reach its final list this month, at least do not tell.
Does not support any kind of physical activity and will always tell you is extremely tired.